Post Code/Suburb/Latitude Cushion

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The perfect housewarming gift or present for someone living overseas. Great for styling your Airbnb. Why not get one of your hometown postcode to remind you of where you grew up. We once made 5 for a client to give her parents of every suburb they had lived in.

Just provide us with the Suburb and Post code and we will source the latitude/longitude.

These cushions have been ordered for holiday homes in France, Beach shacks, Farm homes and Snow lodges. 35x55cm 100% European Linen (off white or oatmeal). Black or Navy Text. Insert included. Wrapped with ribbon, twine and paper gift bag included.


Client Testimonial...Oh yay, I love it!!!  I know he'll love it too! Can't wait to let you know what he thinks. He will now have a little piece of his childhood wherever we live :) Thank you again so much xo

 I just got to work and it had already arrived! It's so good I absolutely love it. It's even better than I imagined!!  Thank you :) x