Mini Comfort Cushions

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These truly are very special and have brought so much comfort over the years.  We have made them for all situations but I'll never forget receiving a text from a man whom we sent one for his little girl as they had just lost her Mummy.  He text me saying how grateful he was and that "she hasn't put it down and carries it everywhere with her". To know I played a small part in giving her comfort means the world to me. Other cushions have been made so kids can have a "mummy" or "daddy" cushion while they are away from them, they truly do love them.  We can add a little message on the back or just leave them plain.

Size Approx 25x25cm Comes complete with filling, spot clean only. 

Each cushion comes complete with ribbon and a little white gift bag.

We can also pop a little ribbon on as a handle if it's for little tots. 

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