Kids Class Photo Cushion

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Or please email all images to

These look amazing and are such a great personal end of year gift for any teacher.  

For best results follow these guides .....

1.  Set Iphone camera to take a "Square" image that way you will know the child and their sign will definitely be in shot.  Please be eye level with the childs, no hats or shade over their face.

2. Choose a white wall background.

3. Use heavy black marker for writing on white paper or whiteboard.  Or print out all the words in heavy text (this will look neater).

4. Depending on the look you are going for you can keep them all in their uniform or pop a black t-shirt on everyone so they all look the same.

If you would like to create the collage yourself on any phone app that's great, just leave a blank square in the middle :-).  As not everyone will have an even number of children we may have some blank squares which we will add a little message from the class.

Once you have placed your order email all images to with your order number or class name.

If you have prepared the collage yourself and would just like to upload one image please add to the order here. 

We will edit all the images black and white and put the teachers name in the middle with the class name on it too.  PLEASE NOTE: Images will be scattered in no particular order. 

This design comes with gift bag, wrapped in ribbon and includes free shipping. 

End of Year Teachers Present.... Tick!