Post Code/Suburb/Latitude Cushion

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The perfect housewarming gift or present for someone living overseas. Why not get one of your hometown postcode to remind you of where you grew up.  We once made 5 for a client to give her parents of every suburb they had lived in.

Just provide us with the Suburb and Post code and we'll source the latitude/longitude.

These cushions have been ordered for holiday homes in France, Beach shacks, Farm homes and Snow lodges. 35x55cm Available in White Cotton or 100% European Linen (off white or oatmeal). Black or Navy Text. Insert included. Wrapped with ribbon and twine, bonus paper gift bag included. 


Client Testimonial...Oh yay, I love it!!!  I know he'll love it too! Can't wait to let you know what he thinks. He will now have a little piece of his childhood wherever we live :) Thank you again so much xo

 I just got to work and it had already arrived! It's so good I absolutely love it. It's even better than I imagined!!  Thank you :) x