My mum always says "when you get old, you become invisible, well today I experienced it first hand.... November 10 2016, 2 Comments

My Courtney and I were in Bunnings (god I love Bunnings), much to my family's horror I have a bit of a habit of singing. A great song came on the radio (yes this is how sad my life is) and I started singing along. Courtney said "Shhhhh" but next thing we knew a man about 60 came over. "I just heard you singing in the next aisle, you have a really beautiful voice", she cracked up and said "No, that was Mum", he looked at me horrified, said nothing and kept walking. Oh OK, come back, let me sing for you... Courtney and just cracked up, but honestly, thanks mate! What you don't want to tell me I have a nice voice? What the? ;-)

Sadly Court has moved out today, 2 weeks of sleeping on the lounge, billie's bed, my bed, has finally worn thin and she's taken a lease. I feel so guilty there's not enough room at the inn :-(. I had to giggle tonight though when we went to Coles to do a shop, she couldn't believe the prices. Ummm, yeh, bit different when it's not Monopoly money ;-) She's been spoilt living on the boats as she has never had to pay for food etc so I think it came as a bit of a surprise. When she was putting her cash in the sucky thing at the self register I could see her wanting to pull it back out, hehe, I laughed and said "I so want to get a picture of this".

Seriously though, it is so sad that we become invisible the older we get. We were next a very elegant old lady the other day @ the registers in Coles and she was really struggling to do the zip up on her purse, I didn't want to embarrass her but I so wanted to help. She said "I'm sorry, I'm very slow" I replied, "there's on rush, it's the weekend, would you like me to help you?" So I zipped up her purse and we did our shopping but as we were walking out behind her I noticed how beautiful her hair looked, she'd obviously recently had it done and made a real effort with her appearance. I said to hubby, I have to tell her how nice she looks, he looked at me "what for?" I just gave him the look! So I chased after her and said "excuse me, I just want to say how beautiful you look" She said "for an old lady?" I replied, "No, for a lady" of course I walked back to hubby with tears down my face. I didn't want her to feel invisible, we're all just doing our best aren't we. X