We bought a jeep! December 24 2014, 0 Comments

We bought a jeep!

I have been struggling fitting all the cushion orders in the boot of our Corolla so we've bought something a little bigger, not huge, the Jeep Compass North. Has all the bells and whistles though. I've never had a car with bluetooth or a reverse camera so it's all a bit exciting and the kids love it! The man at the car yard taught me how to use the bluetooth, after we'd set it up he said ring your husband so I said "Call….."the love of my life" as that's what hubby is in my contacts on my phone, the salesman thought that was kinda cute. Of course he didn't answer.  Billie saw once that Daddy had called twice and it said "The love of my life 2" and she said "I know Daddy is the love of your life 1, who is The love of your life 2? she didn't understand it was registering his two calls bless her, kids. Anyway hope you're all coming down from the xmas high happily, I am loving just hanging with the family after being so busy. X