Have you ever failed?

Megan Gale instagrammed our cushions today and my Instagram has gone crazy! Wow, the power of social media huh, insane. This isn't going to change my life, (Luke wants me to wipe his bum in a minute, yes he's 5 and very lazy) but it does signify to me that dreams can come true and to keep trying in life. I started a business in 2009, I designed Flipsy Flopsy Dolls (upside down dolls) I loved them, but it didn't work (much to Steve's horror). I felt like such a loser, I honestly felt like nothing in my life was ever going to work. I know this business has been sent to me so I can make "my special" cushions, the one's for families who's children don't have much longer on this earth, word cushions for people who need to believe in themselves, beautiful mums like Elisha Neave who struggled with cancer. When they announced Elisha's death a few weeks ago I seriously sobbed as they featured her in her dying hours holding the cushion we had made her of her Dad. I have never been so sad, moved and honoured that something I made could give someone comfort in their last moments. I said to my husband "If I never make another cushion again, to know that one gave so much comfort is all I can ask for" I'm not going to lie and say I'm not making money, I am, not a lot for the hours and effort I put in but yes I am but I honestly feel that the money I now earn allows me to afford to do the "special ones" without having to worry. So, yes I am absolutely beside myself that Megan Gale has "instagrammed" my cushion because I know this is another amazing part of this whole journey. Thank you for listening, helping me to believe in myself and if this in anyway inspires you, go for it, what's the worst thing that can happen, you fail?…try again! xxx



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