The real story behind the smiles.... January 13 2014, 1 Comment

The perfect family holiday shot? This may look like it but it wasn't easy. First of all, my older girls are not in the photo which always upsets me as I wish we could all go way together. Hopefully 2 are going to be joining us today. 2nd, Luke was throwing a big tantrum 2 mins before this was taken as he went into my bag found some red frogs and didn't want to share with our friends children who are extremely generous with him....I was mortified. Finally got him sorted then miss billie wasn't happy as the sun was in her eyes, but me being the control freak wanted the ocean backdrop not the carpark! Honestly, nothing is easy is it, I'm not complaining just being honest about how things may look so perfect on Facebook but behind the scenes there's always a drama. Family holidays, all the memories (dramas included) make them what they are don't they. I remember all mine from childhood and wonder will Luke remember the man jumping off the mountain hand gliding across the ocean or the red frogs??? X