Xmas Eve...

Ok, the Apple "happy holidays" ad just made me cry, loving the carols on channel Nine. Waiting
for Billie and Luke to go to sleep so I can wrap their presents. Hope you are all having a lovely xmas eve. I've been a bit despondent buying presents this year. No one needs anything??? my favourite presents have been the baubles I've made and a couple of random gifts I've made & given to people I don't normally buy for. I didn't want to give my friends & family my product as I was a bit embarrassed to do so. Subsequently I have given them things they could have bought themselves so I'm not excited? This is the the 1st xmas I've felt like this???, maybe I've just gotten older and now recognizing "things" don't matter. My eldest daughter rang me this afternoon almost angry at me saying "what can we get you"?? I explained I don't really need anything (who does?). Aimee was saying I wish u didn't own this company as we know you would have liked a cushion?? I said time with them would be nice so they are going to take me out for lunch in the new year, phew, I really didn't want to be making myself a cushion on Xmas eve . Anyway, I hope everyone giving and receiving our cushions tomorrow feel the love and emotion they have been made and given with, cos that's what really matters. Merry Christmas everyone xxxx

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