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My mum always says "when you get old, you become invisible, well today I experienced it first hand.... November 10 2016, 2 Comments

My Courtney and I were in Bunnings (god I love Bunnings), much to my family's horror I have a bit of a habit of singing. A great song came on the radio (yes this is how sad my life is) and I started singing along. Courtney said "Shhhhh" but next thing we knew a man about 60 came over. "I just heard you singing in the next aisle, you have a really beautiful voice", she cracked up and said "No, that was Mum", he looked at me horrified, said nothing and kept walking. Oh OK, come back, let me sing for you... Courtney and just cracked up, but honestly, thanks mate! What you don't want to tell me I have a nice voice? What the? ;-)

Sadly Court has moved out today, 2 weeks of sleeping on the lounge, billie's bed, my bed, has finally worn thin and she's taken a lease. I feel so guilty there's not enough room at the inn :-(. I had to giggle tonight though when we went to Coles to do a shop, she couldn't believe the prices. Ummm, yeh, bit different when it's not Monopoly money ;-) She's been spoilt living on the boats as she has never had to pay for food etc so I think it came as a bit of a surprise. When she was putting her cash in the sucky thing at the self register I could see her wanting to pull it back out, hehe, I laughed and said "I so want to get a picture of this".

Seriously though, it is so sad that we become invisible the older we get. We were next a very elegant old lady the other day @ the registers in Coles and she was really struggling to do the zip up on her purse, I didn't want to embarrass her but I so wanted to help. She said "I'm sorry, I'm very slow" I replied, "there's on rush, it's the weekend, would you like me to help you?" So I zipped up her purse and we did our shopping but as we were walking out behind her I noticed how beautiful her hair looked, she'd obviously recently had it done and made a real effort with her appearance. I said to hubby, I have to tell her how nice she looks, he looked at me "what for?" I just gave him the look! So I chased after her and said "excuse me, I just want to say how beautiful you look" She said "for an old lady?" I replied, "No, for a lady" of course I walked back to hubby with tears down my face. I didn't want her to feel invisible, we're all just doing our best aren't we. X

Not 'just a cushion' September 21 2016, 0 Comments

After all the drama yesterday it was nice waking up today knowing I only had a few orders to get out. I'm working on a birthday/family celebrations cushion and sent the proof back to a client for approval. She instantly realised one of the months was empty and then remembered her mother sadly had a still born baby 40 yrs ago and his birthday was in that month. She messaged me and said "do you think we should include him?", my answer was "Of course". We spoke and were both in tears, of course he should be included, he was a massive part of her mothers life, she carried him for 9 months, he will be with her forever. She said her mum talks about him all the time and I know this is going to be such a special way of having him be a part of the family. I like to think my work is for a reason and cushions like this really confirm it for me. I mean I know they are 'just a cushion' but sometimes, they aren't 'just a cushion. X

Graduation Cushions.... September 20 2016, 0 Comments

It's all about giving back and wow won't these teachers feel special today. Yr 12 graduation gifts from a student to her teachers. LOVE x

Oh and just incase you thought everything looks so perfect and so lovely, it isn't always the case getting to this point. I had a girlfriend over for dinner Monday night, we went into my office so I could print them as I knew I was going to be pressed for time the next day to get them all done. Printer down, OMG, she sat and talked to me for 2 hrs whilst I fiddled, took things apart, took things down, turned buttons on, turned buttons off, unhooked a spring that went flying across the room, had to stand on the table bend over to try and get down this fiddly bit to reach it, lucky I had my undies on as it wasn't a good look.......TRIED EVERYTHING.

Poor Miss Billie couldn't get to sleep as the lights from my office were keeping her awake so the poor bugger went and slept in the loungeroom as she didn't want to be up in my room by herself. My girlfriend left about 10, I gave up about midnight. Couldn't sleep worrying how I was going to get it going, tried again 6am, nothing. Rang my friend who has the same equipment he generously said I could use his, got kids to school, raced over there, couldn't get his going. At this stage I'm thinking.... I'm cursed!. Remember my client is picking them up at 2pm!! Rang my technician, every time he has to fix anything it's approx. $500 so you can imagine how nervous I was. He is in TASMANIA mmm, that's not going to work, he gave me a tip on how he fixed it last time, I raced home, got the screwdriver out, did what he said and "voila"

OMG printed like a mad woman, sewed like a mad woman and then took these pics with a big sigh of relief. The joys of small business and thats a good day! X



5 things I learnt after being in hospital for 5 days... May 06 2016, 0 Comments

Tell all family and friends they can only visit you on day 3.
Because tubes everywhere, a mother Slurring and going in and out of consciousness frightens small children. My kids were that scared they clung to the wall on the other side of the room like they were on the 'rotor' at Luna park!

Because you are in pain and look ugly, I know this because hubby thought it would be funny to take a picture, not as bad as my Dr's surgery one, but still bad. What is it with taking photos when I'm unconscious? Can't get one of me when we're on hols??

Bring your own flowers in with you.

Because when you wake up on day 2 feeling very fragile and emotional and the sweet little flower lady pops her head in to fix your flowers and you have to say "I don't have any ?". So then your mind starts playing tricks and you text hubby "thanks for the flowers". Have to admit he said that's when i knew you must be feeling better. haha
Contrary to yesterday's post, I clearly have not evolved that much.

NUMBER 3. (The most important)
Had to call and be on hold to the taxation department for 25 mins. My fault for not dealing with last quarters activity statement before I came in.

Miss courtney currently in India suprised me with the news she's coming home on the weekend for a couple of weeks. So excited but hubby and I had to then coordinate all her flights on staff travel and let me tell you that's stressful even after a glass of wine! Of course due to my state of mind I gave hubby the wrong dates he booked it all and then I realised and he had to start again from scratch, not happy Jan.

Then, Miss Bronte called last night to tell me she and her partner have two weeks till they can move into their new appt but have to be out of this one on sunday, f#@%rrrk! O...Kay, so I go into "mummy can fix this" mode. Ummmm, who has a big house? "Hi, uncle keith, you know I'm a very very sick woman, well I need a favour ..... (Phew, lucky I had that one up my sleeve) haha, only joking he knows me well. Thank god he said yes, another disaster diverted, Jesus I feel like a traffic controller, not a woman recovering from a major operation, oh that's right, I'm a mum !!!

No need to wonder why my blood pressure reading was through the roof last night. Should have spent a bit longer in that healing garden I think.

Do not tell your 78 yr old mother you are going in to hospital
Because it then becomes YOUR problem to get her there to visit you (God give me strength).

Get some bloody rest.
Because all of the above is exhausting.

I can't wait to go home x
Post note: I am going home with beautiful flowers

In the healing garden .... May 05 2016, 0 Comments

Had my shower, have come out into the sunshine, sitting in this beautiful garden, having a bit of me time just taking it easy. Watching all the gorgeous young dad's packing up their wives belongings and taking the capsules in to go and take there babies home for the 1st time, what an exciting time of your life that is.

Scarey, sore, exhausted but exciting. Actually the first thing that came back to me when we parked here the other morning was driving out of this car park nearly 23 years ago with my courtney. She was newborn, bronte was 19 months and an absolute nightmare (love ya bront) and aimee had just tuned 3. My ex who is a plumber answered his mobile phone in the car (which in those days was the size of a brick and took up the whole floor in the front) he said "Yeh yeh mate, I'll be there at 1" I was like, "WHAT you're leaving me???" he said "yes, someone has to pay for all that" I cried the whole way home. I couldnt believe he was going to dump me at the doorstep with 3 kids, I couldn't walk, I had things coming out of my bottom, I didnt even what they were, I was only 24. No one tells you about those at school.

But as I sit here now and reflect, a bit older, a bit wiser, a lot less judgemental, i understand more. He didn't mean it, he was under the pump with his own business and now 3 babies and a wife to support. Its scarey, i honestly dont know how men cope with the pressure of it all. I know we certainly pull our weight these days ladies so please dont get me wrong but there is a lot of pressure supporting a family on your own, i know cos i ended up doing it before my forever hubby and I got together. Its funny, money has such a big impact on relationships and i'd love to see how many more would succeed if there wasnt the strain of it. We watched a family video of aimee the other day, she was about 2 and in the bath, I said " what do you take to kindy tomorrow aimee" waiting for her to say "fruit" and she said with a big smile on her face "a kindy cheque" god I laughed. It was the days of cheques and obviously I used to have to ask him for a kindy cheque. Thank god for direct debit huh.

Anyway, he wasn't a tight man, he was actually very generous, it's just pressure and the older we get the better we handle it or at least can express better why we're upset. Iam looking forward to going home tomorrow, dr came in and did notice I looked very comfortable this morning, I did say I could get very used to this, lovely ladies bringing me breakfast, lunch and tea. I actually feel like lady muck, messages from all my beautiful friends and kids O/S, offers of help and I know hubby will have everything spotless and shipshape when I walk in tomorrow. He's being very protective, mum suggested everyone coming to mine for mothers day on sunday, he nearly spat his water out. Ummmm, no not this year mum (she just doesn't want to miss out, bless her). Luckily my twin brother and wife are organising something for her, families huh, it's all good fun. X

Well I survived the op.... May 04 2016, 0 Comments

thank the Lord, now on day 2 of recovery and I think i can now safely say i am back in the land of the living. Oh my god! Pre med was awesome, i'm blaming the meds but i vaguely remember flirtingly telling my gynecologist he has held my hand longer in pre op than my husband has in 16 yrs..... He's not a hand holder, we're the same height and our hands don't meet at the right level, the whole thing is just awks. Probably not as awks as flirting with your gyno before he goes in and sees everything you've had for breakfast though (oops).

Went in and out of conscienness all Monday night, don't think I wanted to wake up to be honest. I think the first thing I said was "did they take my uterus"? Well they did, it's gone, bit sad, it has served me well, 5 kids. The op was a bit tricky he actually showed me a picture, ewww, not for the faint hearted. It was like something out of a horror movie, or at least an episode of "embarrassing bodies" ;-) who would go on that show??? and dont worry, I didn't ask for a copy, don't want that on the cloud!

Anyway, it's all done, catheter out (tick), cannula out (tick) done a wee (ouuchhhh- tick) recovering well. Aren't our bodies amazing? I'm feeling rather proud of what it's been through and its still ok. Feeling very grateful. Thanks for all your support. x

Last shout ... April 29 2016, 0 Comments

I can't believe I'm doing this (why don't I just relax and enjoy my weekend??)........LAST SHOUT for orders before I go in for my Op on Monday. As you know, I'm not quite sure what they are going to do to me....'hoik' some bits up, spit some bits out, tighten up a few bits...hopefully ;-). I'm going in for a full 46,000 km's service. Of course in true, typical, catastrophizing Libby style I am imagining dying on the slab (operating table) and should I write letters to my 5 children before they wheel me in? .... I'm only joking (I think?)

So, as I'm not quite sure how long I'll be out for anyone wanting anything for the next couple of weeks please please please order today and I will make it this weekend and hubby can post it next week. If I do die on the slab and you place an order after Monday, don't worry hubby will reimburse you, that reminds me, I have to write down all my passwords and pin numbers!

One has to maintain a sense of humour in these situations ;-). 
Have a wonderful weekend. X

Evoking memories ... April 28 2016, 0 Comments

I found this little gem in the most gorgeous vintage shop in Braidwood on the weekend. My parents had one in our dining room when I was growing up and I can remember changing the date for Mum and Dad. I haven't had a chance to change this one as Miss Billie keeps beating me to it everyday, I love that she will remember this when she is older. I wish my parents had kept theirs, did anyone else have one? I absolutely love buying pieces for my home that evoke memories. X

Yes, they are still available, I did a bit of research when I got home....
For those unfamiliar with this calendar which has become famous and historic piece of furniture, here is a brief history. The legendary '70s are the years where design, fashion and architecture come to everyone, with a breath of freedom and unconventionality. The normal everyday objects are colored with bright colors and polymers began to be widely used to produce various objects. The research and technical solutions have begun to "dictate" artistic suggestions to Italian design, erupting in the so-called “boom of the polymers” of '60s and' 70s. Years in which the Euroway debuted in the market with the first successful products. Designed by Giorgio Della Beffa in 1970 the "Ring a Date Perpetual Calendar" was immediately appreciated around the world, crowning success with several years of exposure to the "Museum of Modern Art" in New York (MoMA ). Then seeing the great success, as you can see in these photos dated 1971 were produced versions table and a middle measure version.
Today, this Timeless design object can be Yours.

In sickness and in health ... April 20 2016, 0 Comments

I attended a funeral yesterday for a girlfriends Dad who is now at peace after being in a home for 9 long years after suffering a severe heart attack. His wife has visited him everyday, ensuring he got the best of care, feeding him, wiping his brow and holding his hand. To see all the love in the room yesterday was beautiful, the little and big grandkids wiping their tears and a wife who stood so proud as she played this song, his favourite after she had spoken of her deep love for him. I listened as two kids, not his children (now in their 50's) speak of their immense love and respect for a man who made a massive difference in their life. As they say, it doesn't matter what wealths you die with, it's what you meant to other people, did you make a difference, did you care? I really really don't like funerals, (who does?) but I do love learning about the people who have passed's achievements and what impact they had.

My girlfriend asked me to make this for her Mum, her reaction was something I'll never forget, we go back a long way, I have the utmost admiration for her. Of course as usual I made it last minute (the night before) and my girlfriend said she wanted me to crop it and make it square but I rang her at 9pm and said, sorry honey, I've taken over, I'm making it rectangle. I really want you to be able to see your Dads arm around your Mum, I want her to look at it and see how much he cherished her at that time, young, carefree and happy, so happy. RIP Alan X

Ramifications... April 12 2016, 1 Comment

Well I'm back on the horse today, determined to beat them, working on some new designs and fabrics.

I was in tears on sunday morning beating myself up because I sent some 'comfort' cushions on Thursday but didn't send them express :-(. I got word from her best friend who had organised them it looked like she was going to pass quicker than we'd expected, I felt so bad I hadn't sent them express.

Our usual orders for the Glam-ma and Dictionary cushions are down due to all the cheap copies. The internet is amazing but due to the global exposure these designs have had, the copies out there have taken most of my business. So sad that I made something up and it has been cheapened by the ugly (yes I said it) copies. They are printed on Made in China covers, they are not made from scratch, they do not come with inserts, beautiful ribbon, gift bag and a photograph of each design and I'm sure their postage is a lot less than the $18 per cushion I have to pay and that's just in Australia. I am sure they think they are very clever just scouring the internet seeing something popular and copying it but little do they know the ramifications. I couldn't afford to send this lot of comfort cushions express, we aren't rich (unfortunately). Although our sales last year were over 100K, yes (my orders are massive for a home business and I definitely consider myself very lucky) my income was $49K (may sound a lot but if you knew the hours you would realise it's not).

I've done this post and deleted it a couple of times, I don't want to sound like a whinging cow, but I figure what haven't I shared with you guys? why should I hide this? I'm just angry, I really really wanted this lady to see her cushions, I wanted her to know they are going to be sitting in all her kids rooms forever and that another Mum who she has never met really cared about her. I rushed making them so they would get there in time, I even rang Australia Post to see if there was anything they could do but they couldn't, not their fault. I received word she passed away this morning. I sent her friend a message on where they were tracking wise and she told me the sad news. I am so sorry for their loss, I remember the morning my dad died, I wanted the world to stop, but it doesn't, it can't, it just goes on, it has to.

A lesson learnt for me, express next time (regardless of the cost) but if you are following my business just to copy my designs, please think before you do as it's not just my family you are hurting. X


An evening with Oprah (and Bronte) December 13 2015, 0 Comments

Miss Bronte and I went to see Oprah last night in Sydney, wow, we loved it. She has helped me so much in my journey, whenever I doubt myself or feel low and question things in my head I listen to one of her Soul Sessions or Life lessons and everything becomes clear again.

We took her a cushion, I stayed up till 2am making it the night before but security wouldn't let us in with it. They told us we could leave it at the Cloak Room. I went over and said "Ok guys you've got to help me out, I made this for Oprah, is there please anyway you could give it to someone who could give it to her people who could give it to her?" They said they would try but I don't really think they could do anything, so, it's probably sitting in the bin :-(.
I really wanted her to have it for everything she has given me.

She talked for two hours about her life, she was funny too. We laughed when she described how she had had Martha Stewart on the show and had learnt to cook a goose. She thought she would surprise Stedman with a lovely goose for dinner and maybe a bit of post goose loving. Well apparently he was late coming home from a golf game and she said "You know what it's like ladies, after 5 mins. you're ok, after 20 minutes you start getting a bit of attitude and after 40 minutes you start getting a lot of attitude. I was basting the goose but everything was drying up and I mean EVERYTHING, there was no moisture ANYWHERE" ;-) funny.

She explained how interesting she found that it didn't matter who she interviewed throughout her career, whether it was the father in prison who had murdered his twin 7 yr old children or famous people like George Bush to Beyonce, every single one said at the end of the interview 'was that ok?, was I ok?" Wow, really, everyone doubts themselves, even Beyonce??? There's hope for me yet!

I loved the story of how when she was a little girl her Grandma who was a maid and put her uniform on everyday to serve the same family said to her "Oprah girl, when you grow up I hope you get nice white people to work for like I have" and Oprah said "If only my Grandma could see me now, I would tell her ...
Grandma, I have found some nice white people, only they are working for me". Love it.

She also said something very powerful that resonated with me,
"No is a complete sentence" As someone who is very new to the whole "No" thing, I like it.

This is another of my favourite Oprah quotes and I honestly think my life changed when I started to be grateful, maybe it was when we nearly lost Luke? I don't know but I do know there has been a massive shift in my life especially in the last few years and I now know what feeds my soul and what doesn't …..

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”
- Oprah Winfrey


I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel... December 11 2015, 0 Comments

One more full day tomorrow, a few more to do next week and then they will all be out and I can start organising our christmas, I haven't bought one present yet (yikes).

(WARNING: men stop reading here).

My little "issue" is STILL not fixed, mostly due to my trying to ignore the whole situation and also not having time to deal with it. Well, I finally went and saw a new gyno and he was so lovely. I was hoping he'd be 70 but he was young and kinda hot, pre-requisite for all gyno's should be old and unattractive I think as it's even more mortifying for us when they are not. He had his beautiful family photo on his desk and we started chatting about life and kids and then he asked me what I did for work. Big mistake…huge! I said, am I being charged by the minute cos how long have you got? wink emoticon Well you know me, I started telling him all my sad stories, welling up over some but also the happy ones and he ended up wanting to place an order! Only I could go in to the Dr's to talk about my bits and end up with an order for a cushion! wink emoticon.

Had to show him the one we made for my father-in-law last weekend, it was so lovely. All the kids gave me in their words what they think of their grandfather. It was so special and apparently he's raving to all his friends about it. Hubby is the most unemotional person in the world (I suppose it wouldn't work if the kids had two blubbering parents) but even he admitted he would like one of those when he's a grandfather (tick).

I hope you're all getting sorted for xmas, I am really looking forward to it this year, only 15 more sleeps X

Proud December 10 2015, 0 Comments

Miss billie spent hours writing xmas cards the other night to all the children in her class. I didn't read them but just received this image with a message from this child's mother (whom I consider a friend and think the world of) saying "what a truly beautiful daughter you have" I had tears in my eyes. You see they are in yr 3 now and all learning to work out friendships and as we all know they can be tricky (doesn't stop when we get older either does it?). I love her honesty, I love the kindness she has shown and the maturity (for a 9 yr old). She owned her part in it, there was no blame and all i see here is love.
I've already experienced 3 teenage daughters. I've dobbed them in for truanting, i've even dragged them down to the police station for stealing. I want them to be good people. I don't piss in my kids pockets, I telll them how it is and make them take responsibility for their actions but I never miss an opportunity to tell them I love them amd I would die for all of them. X ‪#‎proudmumma‬

Wow, what a week... November 29 2015, 0 Comments

she came and she went, missing her already but have to admit not missing the mess, love ya courtney ;-) Now I just have to worry about her being in the country that the Today Show told me yesterday is the most dangerous place in the world to travel to (statistics wise) oh great! She's in Thailand doing a detox (I think I should have gone with her), wouldn't mind losing a few kilos as we have my brother-in-laws wedding coming up in February!

Think I'm on top of all my orders, going to have them all out mid December. Please remember any orders received AFTER Dec 1 will not be able to go out until February as I am going to be spending time with my poor children who have actually stopped asking me to do things for them and are now going direct to Dad (which isn't completely a bad thing).

We went to hubby's uni reunion last night which was fun, hearing all the stories and the strong friendships they obviously still have even though they don't get to see each other often. I worked all day so couldn't get to the shops so made the hosts a gorgeous wreath family initial cushion, think I'll have to make myself one, I love it :-).

Can't believe last week at my brothers for dinner I offered to do Christmas day at my house……what the hell was I thinking !!!! Yikes!

Bronte has offered to help (well she has to as she's going to be the only big one here) so secretly whilst dreading it I'm also looking forward to it, going to go all out. Haven't done one since I had all the ex's family over one year. I remember finally sitting down to my lunch, got stuck up the kid end of the table, someone said "Is there any mustard?" I said, "Sure, let me get it" grrrrrrrr, by the time I got back to the table one of the kids had spilt their coke all over my plate of food….kill me now!

It was also the year Aimee my eldest woke up and said "I love christmas Mummy", me: "Oh do you darling, why"? her: "cos you get to eat all day!!!" (she was about 6). Anyway she did …….and about 5 o'clock after I'd finally cleaned up after lunch she puked everywhere! Just worked out in my head that was nearly 20 yrs ago and I've finally plucked up the courage to do it again…..I have no doubt I'll be saying to myself on Xmas eve "not doing this again for another 20!!!". Ohhh it's all good fun isn't it :-). X


Birthday Celebrations ... October 12 2015, 0 Comments

What do you do when one of you friends turns 50 and she hates attention (imagine that??) ….. I know, organise a surprise party! My girlfriend turned the big" five-ohhh" last week and was determined not to celebrate it as her son is doing his HSC so she decided she had the perfect excuse.

We decided otherwise and organised a lunch with all her besties from her 'working in the city days', 'sons primary school days' and 'nowadays'.

I was there when both her children were born which is an honour I'll never forget. She had a frightening birth with her son and I actually called the Macquarie Street Gyno out of the room and abused him for manually getting her to 9cm but that's a whole other story..ouch! Thank god she and he was fine, that was nearly 18 yrs ago. We've got a lot of history, she used to go out with my twin when we were 17 and was with us through my Dads illness and passing, she worked with my Mum and we lived together when my 1st marriage broke up, we've pretty much been through it all.

I was worried she'd be angry at me for organising it but once she got over the shock a great day was had by all. Happy Birthday Jac, here's to the next 50! X

I have a confession April 26 2015, 0 Comments

I absolutely freakin love the Kardashians (much to my husbands horror). My two favourites are Khloe and Bruce, I secretly like all of them but those two are just so real and say it like it is. Bruce has always been the voice of reason in all the madness and I have to say I admire him so much to finally be able to declare to the world how he feels and to be able to be true to himself. I can't imagine how hard it must have been with all the "judgy judgy haters" in the world and also having to explain it to all his children with fear of rejection. Everyone asks, "What are they famous for? What have they actually done?" Well maybe now they will have done something meaningful, even if it helps one person struggling with who they are to be able to accept themselves. I think the reason we all like them (c'mon just a little bit?) is because they show it like it is. Of course none of us have the lifestyle they do, the private jets and mansions but they show us even with all that you still have struggles, divorces, drama's with kids, self esteem issues. We are all just people and want to be accepted and loved for who we are, you go Bruce, I think you're awesome. X

She may as well have it now ..... April 16 2015, 0 Comments

My eldest daughter Aimee is going to live in England in a couple weeks. I'm so happy for her but scared as well. I found my engagement ring from her Dad (my ex husband) the other day and thought it would be the perfect present for her. I had it redesigned after my marriage broke up but it's just been sitting in the cupboard for the last few years as I didn't feel right wearing it being married to Steve now. Being the eldest Aimee was always going to get it when I was no longer on this earth, so I thought why not give it to her now. We had it resized and all polished up, it looks so gorgeous.

So now, whenever she's missing home she can look down at her hand and know her mum and dad are with her always, bless. 

Oh and she's on strict instructions not to flog it when she's broke! X

I must admit I'm a bit envious of your life....really? April 14 2015, 0 Comments

Lately I have had quite a few clients mention in emails:

"I follow you on Instagram and I must admit I'm envious of your life"

I smile and shake my head in bewilderment cos as we all know Instagram only shows all the "pretty" stuff not the reality of my life which at times seriously isn't all that pretty.

Today was one of those days .....

Certainly wasn't posting Instagram shots at my Bladder Test today, although I did mention it to the Urologist as he had my legs in stirrups and I didn't know what other casual conversation to come up with ??!! OMG NEVER AGAIN. There was no information when I booked but I tentatively asked the receptionist "what are they going to do to me?" she handed me a pamphlet and said "read this". Oh lord I wish I hadn't. I wanted to run out screaming, I'd been dreading it and put it off 6 months but thought what's the worst thing they could do? I might have to drink a bit of water and do a few star jumps. Well, they shoved tubes everywhere and I mean EVERYWHERE!!! One up my clacker and as she was (very gently I may add) inserting another one god knows where (which seemed to go for miles) I could'nt help but ask if it was going to come out my mouth! The Dr was lovely and strangely a bit handsome (again I think I may have a thing for Dr's) He was very touchy and kept rubbing my arm (not in a weird way) in a caring way, but I just felt completely mortified. He asked me just to think about something else, I said, "I know what I'm thinking about, a bloody big glass of wine after all this". I had to wee on a toilet that wasn't a toilet (more like a toilet in Bali, you know where there's no plumbing?) haha. Honestly, you do a wee, they measure it and then they pump a full bag of water into your bladder to see how long you can hold it. Mmmmm, I'm sure I just explained my nightmare car trip a month ago to him, what part of "not long" don't they get! Dr asked me in the pre test interview how long I think I've had a problem. I mentioned when I was in nightclubs (pre kids even) I would join the ladies toilet queue, do my wee and just join the end of the queue again as I knew by the time it got to me I would be busting, so yes a LONG time! I made some of my best friends in toilets in nightclubs.

Anyway, after an extremely humiliating experience and I'm not even telling you half of it, I put my gear back on. I asked the lady at reception, "Do I pick my dignity up here or at the door?" she smiled and the best part......... it cost me $300 to find out I have a weak bladder, no shit sherlock, I could have told them that for NOTHING! The things we do :- X

Boys! ... April 02 2015, 0 Comments

Well we've had a great start to the Easter break. We were just about to serve dinner and Luke thought it might be a good idea to jump from the couch over to the dining table? That was never going to end well. I have never seen or heard such a bang from a face hitting a hard object, my heart sunk, billie was hysterical (she's definitely not going to be a nurse), Luke was screaming, hubby had just gone around the corner to get a beer. I'm not good with blood so screamed at Billie to go and get Daddy, he was a lifeguard for years and SO much better than me in these emergencies.

I was terrified to look in Luke's mouth, yep 2 front teeth definitely facing the wrong way, I thought they were going to be cracked in two so I was kind of relieved they were still there to be honest. I pushed them back into place and luckily our GP who's very conveniently literally next door was still there, he saw us, blood everywhere and assessed …. hospital! We were so lucky and went straight in, couple of hot doctors later (God I love Dr's, that whole caring thing kills me) a bit of glue on his chin and we were at the out of hours dentist. Dentists don't do it for me and the way they charge definitely doesn't do it for me. X-rays to ensure the next teeth will be ok, bit of a poke around 5 mins later….$350. Poor Steve couldn't get a park in Manly, every man and his dog is out tonight so he walked miles to get the car and pick us back up. Luke and i sat cuddling waiting and he told me he thinks he looks like the character out of Box troll who was allergic to cheese, bless him, he still has his sense of humour. Everyone's on the lounge now, I've just poured a glass of red. It's all good fun isn't it, think it's going to be a quiet weekend. Hope you've all had a better start to the break. X

The people you meet at the lift March 27 2015, 0 Comments

Wow, what a night last night. Went to park in the carpark in the city I always go to, FULL, oh dear, plan b, didn't have one so drove up to Goulburn st and found one, perfect $20 for the evening. Standing at the lift was another couple, I did a double take, David Campbell and his wife Lisa, you only get one shot in life so I went for it. "Um excuse me, I really hate to bother you but I made you the cushions for the twins" "Oh they were so lovely" they said "Hampsons Homewares?" OMG!!! they remembered who made them, they were both so friendly and complimentary I nearly cried, total buzz. Lisa didn't realise I actually make them and she said they were going to order for one of their friends in England. I know the universe took me to that carpark to meet them, what are the chances? My husband thinks pretty good, we were both going out in the city, have to park somewhere, but I believe in fate and I've been a bit down this week and that really gave me a lift.

Now on to Ed, he was awesome, it was my niece's first concert so I was so thrilled to be able to take her and share the experience. That guy is so talented, he just kills it and gives his all in every song, if you get a chance to see him, go, it's really worth it. Quite an eclectic mix of people there, not too many old birds like myself in the actual mosh pit and my feet are really feeling it today, I had to take my boots off after 2 1/2 hrs they were killing me!! Good look I know, don't worry I put them back on to walk to the car.

Now you know how much Instagram gives me total anxiety, well I posted the photo of David and I and Ruby and I at the concert last night as I was so excited. Pretty harmless posts, nothing too offensive and about 30 people unfollowed us? Mmmmm, not sure if they don't like David, Ed or me? I have a feeling it's me. Honestly I don't understand Instagram, it's so harsh, I just don't think I'm cool enough for it. I went on this morning and saw Jennifer Hawkins had posted a beautiful sunset or sunrise and one of her followers (why) wrote "thought you should know 2 of my friends slept with your husband last night" Oh, ummm, really??? Well if that is the case, there might be a little nicer way of letting Jen know and if it isn't WHY would you write such a thing, honestly it's terrifying out there.

Anyway, back to work, hope you all have a lovely weekend, I wont be posting anything on Instagram I'm too scared (only joking) it does freak me out though. X

We made it ... February 26 2015, 0 Comments

Well we've woken up in paradise after yesterday's shocker. Steve's not too happy and insisting Hampsons Homewares gets a full detail of his car, I assured him I had good aim and after 5 kids it's not my fault. I was just terrified a truck or worse a bus was going to pull up next to me, can you imagine, what is that woman doing? I Wish i'd taken the jeep Steve's car is manual god knows how I didn't have an accident. Talk about multitasking. For those concerned we made it to the mcdonalds near domestic for Luke's poo he clearly wasn't as desperate and very luckily we got on the flight we were listed for. Poor Billie was crying when we got our boarding passes as we were all sitting separately but the lovely qantas crew made sure at least the kids got to sit together and I got to read a mag (in peace). I think I can cancel my bladder test, I'll just tell my dr this story and I'm pretty sure he'll agree it's a no brainer, it's stuffed! X


When does the holiday start ? February 25 2015, 0 Comments

Major crash on harbour bridge what's normally a 45 min. trip turned into an hr and a half. I set off coffee in hand, Luke crying, Billie being her adorable self and trying to console him. By the time we got to Neutral Bay it was starting to get ugly, bus crashed into woman in front, Luke tells me he needs to do a poo and my bladder is starting to hurt. By the time we actually got on the eastern distributor I was in major pain, what to do?, no chance of a toilet ANYWHERE. Had to do a wee in my husbands coin cup whilst driving (I'm pretty sure this is probably illegal but it was that or wet my white jeans which wouldn't have been a good look at check-in. Filled up the cup pretty quickly, I'm sure the car behind was wondering why I just threw a cup of apple juice out the window? Pouring down at airport when we finally got off shuttle, surfboard came in handy as I held it over our heads as we got in the terminal.

Our flights fully booked so on standby (the joys of staff travel)...hubby rang as my bladder was bursting, haven't called him back. I'm pretty sure he's going to wish I brought my car not his when I tell him. When does the holiday start? ....

Well we survived February 23 2015, 0 Comments

Mum didn't get lucky but then again there wasn't that much talent on the boat so I kinda think she did. haha. We were having a laugh about it and she said "You know to be honest I couldn't think of anything worse" that seems to be the catch cry of every woman I speak to over 50, what's going on ladies?... does that mean I only have 5 years left of good sex (or any sex for that matter?) Oh dear.

The kids had a ball, Luke was so funny, we were at the Family Comedy Show and the host said "Stand up those kids whose dream it is to be a rockstar" Luke looked at me all innocently, wanting one of the fancy balloons more than life itself, "Can i lie Mum?" I said, "it's ok honey, for this you can". Well bless him, he stood up along with about 10 other kids, and the host said, "right show me your best air guitar". Well you have never seen anything like it, Luke ripped into it like he was the lead guitarist for Bon Jovi. Mum, Uncle Keith and I were in absolute hysterics! Billie was mortified and went and sat behind me saying "Don't look at me" hahaha, she was terrified they were going to call her up. Well the host chose Luke and he went up on stage and repeated his performance for the whole audience. About half way he realised what the hell he'd done to himself and I could tell wanted to get off the stage. He collected his "trophy" balloons and came back to me, we all high fived him and about 2 mins later he said "Mum I'm going to vomit" WHAT!!!!!!!! So I raced him out of there, holding my hand over his mouth to protect any poor bystanders (as we do) we made it to the bathroom and he was sick. Bless his little cotton socks, the adrenaline and the nerves made him physically ill, isn't that crazy? Lucky he didn't puke all over the host, now that would have been a show! OMG, does this sort of stuff only happen to me?

Uncle Keith got chosen by 3 randy old women (well lets just say they didn't seem to fall into the category of women I was speaking about earlier)….. to go in the "Hairy Chest Competition". That was hilarious too, a bee keeper won but I've never seen so much personality come out of what seemed to be normal average blokes, they were loving it and so were the old dears who got to feel them up, yes it was a family cruise. Miss Billie made a friend, so she was happy and went on the Green thunder slide before we'd even left Sydney. The floor disappears from under you and you just go for it (there's no way you'd get me on it). Kids club was a bit average I thought, the poor kids are stuck right up the front (I think it's the only part of the boat they didn't have enough room to put a bar in).

Anyway, it was all good fun, we're all exhausted, early night tonight. X

Hubby's in Japan so I'm taking Mum and the kids on a cruise for the weekend to .... no where. February 19 2015, 0 Comments

Oh god, I must be premenstrual I'm working away with Frozen "Let it Go" playing full bore crying my eyes out…what is wrong with me.? Billie's not even here and I'm playing frozen???

We go on the cruise tomorrow and of course a cyclone is headed for Brisbane, yay! Only I could book a cruise 5 months out and the weekend it departs a cyclone is due, great NOT! My neighbour said in front of the kids as we were getting in the car this morning, "You can't go, the boat will be rocking up and down and everyone will be spewing everywhere OMG Billie just looks at me "I'M NOT GOING" my thought bubble….shit shit shit. The whole way to school…. "What's a cyclone?" What if the boat crashes" How high are the waves going to be?" Luke says "OMG it's going to be like the Titanic, we're all going to die" laughing just to stir Billie up. I assured them, there is no chance of an iceberg between Sydney and Newcastle. In hindsight probably shouldn't have let them watch that movie a few months ago :-0.

I've rung Carnivals enquiry phone number, spoke to America??? cos they'd know what's going on here? "Oh really Mam, I haven't heard anything about a cyclone" "Ok, well if you do, let me know!". Unbelievable. Mum's asking me, "shall I bring my phone dear" Ummm, yeh, no, whatever, I'm taking mine. She texts "Hope they work in case you have to find me!?" Like she's going to get lost? She's been worried for the last couple of months about how much we should tip the steward? Oh Gawd, it's going to be a long weekend    X

Post Note: Mum (nearly 77) just text me her friends Sylvia and Joan think she's going to get lucky on the boat... so I may not be able to find her, hilarious! X